Horizen Flooring craftsman diligently working on the finishing touches to an engineered hardwood flooring installation

Our Story:

Horizen Flooring was founded with an inspired mission to be the industry's most pragmatic, focused, and transparent flooring and carpet provider for homeowners and custom builders.

From the time you meet with one of our team members till the end of your home improvement journey, your entire project will be managed from the same respective individual. This provides a deep understanding in your personal interests, clear vision of your ideal style, and a long-lasting relationship which may last you a lifetime; we always strive to do so.

Today, we believe that as informative as online data gets, as much as research evolves, and as virtual as the world becomes, the cornerstone of a successful company continues to be communication. Our streamlined systems provide effective decision-making for returning customers and new clients when choosing a flooring product and service.

With each customer's valued trust, Horizen Flooring continues to breathe the company motto: "Supporting Your Every Step". Horizen Flooring is powered by something extraordinary: synergism.

Horizen Flooring offers full turn-key flooring services in the Greater Austin and surrounding areas, specialising but not limited to: Hardwood, Vinyl, Tile, Carpet, and Laminate flooring.


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Mission Statement:

Your floors, Our art

Every home has its own unique style. Your interior speaks its voice.

Your trust, Our word

When you choose our services, you begin what will become a long lasting relationship.

Your interest, Our pleasure

When finding a suitable option for your home, we treat your home as if it were our home.

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